I am so happy you found me! My name is Gina and I have been blogging since 2011. Perhaps you followed If You Give A Mom A Camera? That’s me!

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Basic CMYK

After almost five years of sharing my life, with the last year being spent in perpetual writer’s block, I knew the only escape was to close that chapter and move on. Welcome to Rabbit Martinis, the blog…I’ll write about it all… food, fashion, photography, what to read, what to watch, how it feels to be both lost and found in a new town, love, life and anything else my mind decides to chase and share with you!

My editorial calendar is full and I’m so excited to finally write again…

I raised 3 daughters in this social media, technology driven world of photoshopped images and 5 for $25 panties…I have some things to say about that. I divorced after 18 years of marriage…I have some things to say about that. While single and self-dependent, I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug and quit my job and job security to start my own business…only to lose everything…I have some things to say about that.

A recurring theme as I write will be how God ALWAYS SHOWS UP.  I can seldom tell a story without lacing it with my faith….not religion or theology, but pure and innocent faith in God. A God that after all I’ve done still chases after me and melts my heart…every time.

I’m just here to offer you Me… my messes have been BIG,  but they’ve served as my muse…my inspiration to get it right the next time and not remain stuck or complacent but to keep going, keep trying…

Once you are big enough to accept your flaws, falls and failures and love yourself anyway you will truly begin to encompass the life you were designed to live

and in doing so a strange, but beautiful thing happens…your flaws become your favorite parts, your falls are a good time to lay low and LOOK UP, and your failures widen your capacity for understanding and love for others.

We are all a mess. Embrace it.

mess muse
You found me! So enjoy this free download! Makes a great screensaver and reminder that life can be messy, but as I’ve learned, your mess does not define you! Rise above it, forgive yourself and let it inspire you!

I’m a dreamer, always thinking, love new ideas…Shark Tank is a constant on the dvr…Everything you’ve had or want or buy or use was at one time just a thought! My newest endeavor is Structure…the etiquette and ahhh to your home and life organization. A detox system that rids your closets, bathrooms, fridge, pantry and mind from clutter.  I help you find room to breathe.  I love it and I love helping others LET GO! Last summer I moved from Texas to Baton Rouge with what would fit in my 2010 Kia Forte…I think I’m your girl if you need help minimizing your stuff! Less really can be more…

July 4, 2015…Independence Day. Let Freedom Ring.

Please follow me and introduce yourself and stay connected. You are welcome here.

love gina

26 thoughts on “hello

  1. You’re a rockstar! So inspiring. So humbling. So wow. So mom. ❤️
    New beginnings are fun. Cheers to YOUR awesome story.


    1. New beginnings ARE fun! Yay! I love you gobs and gobs and gobs my Hannah. You inspire me, encourage me, and challenge me….I’m just blessed to know you, but to be called your mom…that is my wow.


  2. I just want to keep reading.. hurry and type another one up so I can be inspired ever more so than I already am.
    What a MOM I have:)
    That picture almost makes me tear up because of the joy that is beaming from you.
    I love you.


    1. What a DAUGHTER I have! You inspire me too! You encourage me! You make me brave and happy to be me! Let’s choose joy everyday! I love you a ridiculous, unapologetic amount Laken Emily.


  3. Yay!!Yay!!!Yay!!!!! I love you to the moon and I love that you write to ME every time I read!! I can’t wait to read more!!!


  4. Always perfect with timing and words. Thank you for this piece of happy. I am in to the R.M. blog fan club. You’re beautiful and you speak my heart language.


  5. Gina,
    Thank you for being you. For giving me, giving us all, a part of the most beautiful heart I’ve ever known.
    …this front row seat is everything it was cracked up to be…and so much more! %


  6. Happiness is….
    A walk around the track! And so much more. Good for you, friend!!
    Write on! (See what I did there?)


  7. The Beautiful and Articulate MS. Gina, I found you! Your words are compelling, thought-provoking, chiding, poignant, Real…so much for the woman’s heart to soak in and allow God to perform heart surgery. You are so Wise and I am grateful that you choose to share…..Bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

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