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I share because I think I’m doing it well and how I eat is obtainable for anyone. I’m not a declared or licensed nutritionist, but I have learned how to feed my body well and maintain a healthy diet post childbirth, post 40 and post hysterectomy.

There have been times I was considered “too thin” and there have been times I couldn’t button my jeans. As of today…I can’t button my jeans. I recently weighed myself again after years of refusing to step on a scale. I don’t think weighing yourself is a bad thing, in fact I think a weekly check is fine!  If the numbers on the scale help you face the facts that eating late at night, having that extra glass of wine and adding dessert to your order will cause an increase, then perhaps you will reverse those choices so you can maintain the weight that keeps you looking svelte in your favorite black jeans. Can I get a witness?!?

Okay…real talk. Confession: there was a time I weighed myself daily, actually several times daily, but Hallelujah I am redeemed from that and now I let my clothes decide if it’s time to maybe hop on the scales and see where my numbers are. I like for my clothes to fit, and fit well. This is one aspect of my overall appearance that matters to me. When I feel bra bulge I do some arm weights and skip the chips and salsa when eating at my favorite Mexican restaurant. When my pants are determined to give me camel toe, yes I said camel toe, I can promise you there was more sugar and starch in my diet and it’s time to police the situation so I can once again walk around wedgie free. Amen and Amen.

I jumped on the Breakfast Bandwagon about a year ago. I never really wanted anything more than coffee for breakfast, but I discovered avocado toast and I eat it almost everyday…. simply half of an avocado on Ezekiel Flaxseed Bread. A house without avocados is a house without love…you heard it here. If I’m out of love, I’ll scramble some egg whites and add basil, tomato and feta. Thanks to my friend who IS a real live nutritionist, I now put ghee in my coffee and it’s divine! Love. Today’s breakfast was another fav… Oat Fit maple brown sugar oatmeal with half a grapefruit topped with turmeric and himalayan pink salt. If you haven’t tried this, you’re missing out. I feel as passionate about the juice at the bottom of the grapefruit as cereal eaters do about the milk in the bottom of their bowl. S L U R P P P*

simple goodness. totally nutritious.

I’m on a mission to do a fat for muscle exchange. I don’t like loose skin. I’ve got some, but I don’t want it. Muscle is sooooo important as we age! I don’t ever want to be “skinny” again but I forever want to be the best version of me I can possibly be! I want to be strong…inside and out.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes as well as my fitness journey. I’ll be 47 in less than two weeks. I would love to be a practical role model of health and wellness for women my age.  Listen, sister…stop trying to be 25 and stop acting like it’s over for you! Embrace the day. Have a healthy plan for what you will eat. Get off your bootie boo and do some squats or go for a walk or join a gym. You’ll feel better. I promise. I do…

love gina



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