c o n n e c t i o n s

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9

I love how God is working on our behalf to weave good stories…I love how someone asks me, “What are you doing now?”…and even as I answer I know that life can change in a moment…without notice…and the best thing to do is hold on for the ride and write your plans in pencil.

Lizzie: Hey, you want to put your closet organization business in for a door prize at the upcoming women’s conference? …would be good advertisement and possible connections!

Me: Sure. Thanks!

I attended the women’s conference. The speaker was Margaret Feinberg…adorable encourager and just listening to her was enough…but there was more.  There were display tables set up around the parameters of the conference room and we were encouraged to visit them.  During one of the breaks I beeline back to the Noonday table to check it out. I’d only heard of the company and was so excited to see the products in person.

The minute I approached the table it was love.  I wanted one of everything.  I didn’t make any purchases but did walk away with a catalog. The next day I was looking through it when an idea struck me…

This would be perfect for Paige.

I give her a call and have her look up the website. She’s impressed…interested…but the best part…she had been praying for a resource. Resource found. She is not only rocking this business but God is opening doors for her and giving her opportunity to share and exercise her heart for ministry.

Here I am thinking I’m being called to grow an organizing business in the 225 and God is like, this isn’t about you…this one is for Paige.

I love it.

I love being used by God.

I love surrender.

I love faith.

I love story.

God directs our steps. Yes He does. It doesn’t matter what shoes you’re wearing…Manolo Blahnik…Adidas…Payless…whatever… If you are seeking His will for your life, keep your eyes open, and open wide, because strings are attaching, dots are connecting, stories are unfolding and we are in my opinion…just along for the beautiful, crazy ride.

He planted a seed in my heart that made sense to me, to get me to a place that would answer a prayer hidden in the recesses of my daughter’s heart???

What?! You gotta love that….you just do. And if you don’t…we need to spend some time together so I can share about a hundred more stories of how my life is not my own  and how many times God has worked in unexpected, extraordinary ways to bring hope to my hopelessness.


I got my first order in today and I’M SMITTEN. Each piece is handcrafted with love and just knowing I’m giving back in more than one way makes my heart happy.

I began my collection with a chunky statement necklace and two pairs of earrings…one everyday pair and an edgy pair that I will probably want to wear EVERYDAY.


Am I soliciting sales for my daughter so she can stay home with her son and NEVER HAVE TO GO TO WORK OUTSIDE HER HOME UNLESS SHE CHOOSES…abso-freakin-lutely.

Am I introducing you to a product line that perhaps you’ve never heard of before and I love it so much I want to be the first to tell you about it??? Yep. that would be me.

Am I wearing that necklace to work tomorrow?… Lord willing and the creek don’t rise….insert prayers for all of those affected by the floods here in my new state of residency. Seems Texas lacks water and Louisiana lacks enough land to hold it all. Have mercy…

Click this link to be directed to her site. #treatyoself … If I see you and we are wearing the same earrings I’m going to kiss you and squeal!

The Noonday story is incredible!  It’s worth a minute of your time even without a purchase.

I promised myself I would blog on Tuesdays….I stopped watching The Voice to blog. I love DVR. I love The Voice. I love blogging. I love you.

love gina



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