7 week challenge

I am fully aware of every decision I’ve made that’s brought me here. It’s not by accident. It’s not shocking. It’s consequences to my choices and just as I am fully to blame for where I am, I am fully responsible for getting me to where I need to be…

I’ve never worn a double zero. I’ve never worn a single zero…smallest size my full grown adult hips have ever embodied was a 2 and that was thanks to a divorce and depression. No thank you. My eat right exercise, I feel good about myself size is a >>>>. Yep. That size.

Tossing the numeric tags aside…the fact is, I’m simply not feeling good about Gina.

Since moving to Louisiana I’ve been treating myself to some extra-extras and those extra-extras have accumulated into extra inches and pounds and I’m not happy about it. Factor in my new job at, OF ALL PLACES, a culinary institute where the students love to feed you their creations! The past 6 weeks have played a contributing role in even MORE bone padding. Bone padding…that’s funny…you heard it here first. I could blame Baton Rouge, being 47, my new job at a culinary institute where they feed us rich foods cooked in real cream and butter…I could blame a number of things but that’s not going to do me any good…I’ve got to own my behavior and stop the madness before it gets any worse.

How I know it’s time to stop the madness:

  1. Getting ready in the mornings is a struggle.
  2. I have less energy
  3. I feel like crap.
  4. I can’t button my favorite jeans and the jeans I can button are not my favorites.
  5. My black blazer, a business casual staple, is snug and avoided.
  6. I’m wishing it was December and not weeks away from my desire to find a poolside lounge chair and a good book.
  7. If I continue in this direction I will need a whole new wardrobe and that’s ridiculous when all I really need to do is make a few minor changes and I can continue to wear the clothes I already own….saving money for important things like my essential oil obsession and one day owning a newer car.
  8. When I feel good about myself I treat others better…be honest…we all do.
  9. I am the only one responsible for my health…I take that very serious.
  10. I’m getting married and want to offer the best of me to this beautiful man that has picked me to spend the rest of his days with…it’s the least I can do.

Here is my 7 week plan of action in 7 steps:

  1. Pray about it…ask God to direct my steps and grow me in this process.
  2. Download the T-Zero countdown timer on my phone and set for 7 weeks.
  3. ***Adopt a process of Discipline vs. Restriction.
  4. Continue going to reFit and add in yoga.
  5. Even though my job is a “desk job” I can stand at my desk.
  6. Without offense, politely pardon the taste testing of all things yummy.
  7. Positive self talk…this is HUGE and not to be left out. I am designed for a purpose and I don’t want to miss out on the very thing God created me for because I “didn’t feel like it”…

***Back to #3…there are some tried and true programs available that “restrict” and they work! They totally work! The first one I ever tried was Marilu Henner’s 30 day total health makeover…no red meat, dairy, sugar, or alcohol.  I loved learning about food combining and to this day I implement some of her practices into my choices. I’ve witnessed friends and family achieve successes through Weight Watchers, Whole 30 and the South Beach Diet…I’ve seen the slimming effects of sticking to plans offered through Advocare, ViSalus, Shakeology, Zeal and Herbalife. There is SOMETHING for EVERYONE and anyone can at least try…I just know Me and Me does better with inner discipline over well choreographed steps to success.

Back when I was treating myself better I had someone ask me how to lose weight…my unscripted reply, “Food is not Disneyland.” and “Nothing tastes better than the first bite.”…simple answers, yet so true. When food becomes your adventure and eating goes from tasting to gorging there will be unwelcomed results. Same goes for time management, adequate rest, financial responsibilities…too much of the things that harbor uncomfortable results and too little discipline in these areas will do nothing more than have us searching for answers and solutions to situations we’ve personally placed ourselves smack dab in the middle of….I’m testifying…and I’m getting a grip…and asking for accountability partners and encouragement in this journey called life.

Wanna play? If you have suggestions, comments, or questions…I’m all yours.

love gina



13 thoughts on “7 week challenge

  1. I have tried everything but Nutri System, and yoyoing has ruined my body and my attitude about dieting, so I am not ever going to “diet” again. The research shows that fasting is a safe and healthy way to eat if not taken overboard. The alternate day fast has shown some promising results with a 16 hour fast (from the time you ate the night before) and then no more than 500 calories (600 for men) until the next morning. Then you eat normally, and it does not seem to matter what food is eaten on off fast days. Another variation of this is 5 days of normal eating and two days of fasting with the 16 hour/500 calorie regimen. I will let you know how it goes! Besides, people don’t try to tempt me when I say it is a fast day like they do when when I say I am on a diet, maybe because in the right frame of mind a fast is holy.


    1. Hey Cindy! I am all about intermittent fasting! I totally believe in giving our digestive systems a break! speaking of holy…Last night I did Holy Yoga and it was not easy to escape all the to do lists and thoughts fighting for my attention long enough to focus on my breathing! I’m all about discipline right now…I’m policing my life! Should have done it sooner! Love you! love your surprise messages!


    2. Been there! I can say that much of what you have tried, I have as well. I will tell you that two years ago I did the Daniel Fast, not to be confused with the Daniel Plan. It was eye opening and one of the only times in my life that I can honestly say, I had been changed. The Bible Study and daily devotional went perfectly with each day I was fasting……which was 21 days. I am a huge fan of self discipline and the act of simply pushing away. Good for you! You are adorable at any size, and praise God for “happy” padding! Blessings!


  2. You’re getting married! Oh, congratulations!! He seems wonderful. You’re wonderful. I have no doubt in my mind you will make this happen. You are a dreamer and a doer in the best of ways. I am with you! I am trying to make better eating choices as well, including cutting out alcohol aside from very special occasions, and trying to add yoga in to my workout routine too! Accountabilibuddies we shall be!


    1. I am! To my very best friend! I found my Gabe! Stay with me on this journey! I’ll give updates and girl I understand the declaration to cut back on the vino! but hey, isn’t life a special occasion???


  3. I’m all in with you sista!!! With a son in college that we visit every weekend I feel like we are living out college days we never had…. Eating badly and socializing more than normal has taken a toll on my spirit, soul and body!! Thanks for your words of truth and encouragement! I will play with you any day…

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  4. I’m in! I need a partner in this. I’ve got lots of great ideas and plans…I just need someone to keep me honest!


  5. I can jump on board any healthy lifestyle change that does not eliminate vino 🙂 Lol!! I, too, am experiencing the same struggle! No energy, moody, overwhelmed, etc. I work full time and I am a non-traditional (50+ years old) graduate student at Texas Tech AND I will be teaching Public Relations Graphics & Production during Summer I as an adjunct. This will require starting my 10-12 hour work day at 6am everyday for four weeks. I have to get a grip on the crap I’m shoveling into my poor body. Did I mention I’m remodeling my townhome? And when I say ‘me’ I mean I am doing everything, tile, electrics, etc. lol! I will definitely follow along!! 😉 Congratulations BTW!!


    1. love this! and you can so do it and you will be great encouragement to those around you! Fueling up on healthy options and willfully saying no to the junk will make a HUGE difference! I’m already feeling so much better! Bestest to you!


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