dads and ice cream.

Kurt likes him some sugary treats.

He grins like a puppy when you say the word beignet.

He eats a warm chocolate chip cookie and then looks me in my eyes and tells me I’m beautiful…I believe him and this is not the only time he says this to me, but post-cookie consumption his eyes tend to sparkle and the tone of his voice is different…mellow and a little…what’s that word?…drunk.

So while pondering what to do for him for Father’s Day, two things came to mind…a ’67 Stingray Grand Sport Racer, stripped down to nothing but a driver’s seat and roll cage…feeding a giant 400+cu/in aluminum big block pumping out probably 800 horsepower…you know, the kind with raw acceleration…the kind that if he taped a $100 bill to the dashboard and had me reach for it after he hit the gas I would never touch that Benjamin…OR some homemade lemon icecream…homemade, nostalgic, back porch churned goodness. We all know which idea won.


I was enchanted when I found this charming, perfect condition, vintage Rival ice cream maker at Purple Cow for $4.99.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, thrifting is my jam. Next thing to do…call my dad, the homemade ice cream aficionado. This is the man that when the heavens blanketed Texas with a rare thing called snow, he would grab a big green Tupperware bowl from the kitchen, go outside and scoop the top layer of white powder from the earth, stir in some milk and sugar and within a few minutes voila…The Slocumbs were having ice cream. He’s so cute.  He laughed and loved the fact that I was doing this for Kurt…I was ready to take notes but all he said to do was go get me a two liter of coke or root beer or flavored soda, some eagle brand milk, ice and rock salt…dump it in, stir it up and let the magic begin.

I took my dad’s recipe and kicked it up a notch…here it is:

2 liter Minute Maid Lemonade

I can Eagle Brand milk

16 ounce carton half and half

4 drops doTerra lemon oil (or juice of 2 lemons)

Seriously, can it get easier? Yes it can. You can go to the store and buy Blue Bell…but that’s modern and boring and anyone can do that! The sound of that motor made me want to watch reruns of Happy Days and catch fireflies in a mason jar.

lemon ice cream

Wait! There’s more!

Crush some graham crackers, quarter some big marshmallows and layer with ice cream. Garnish with a lemon slice and some lemon zest…and I can promise he will forget all about the corvette.


Hey Kurt. I think you are a beautiful example of what a dad should be. I’ve watched you love and pray for your children and my children and our grandchildren with such sincerity of heart. I admire you and it is a privilege to walk beside you as we continue to grow in our faith. One day we will gather all together around a BIG table, count our blessings and see with our own eyes the answers to our prayers. I just know it.

You keep doing what you’re doing. God will keep being God. And I will be right here…

You know I’m crazy about you.

love gina



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