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if you’re really with her…

You are inundated with political banter and by now you’ve voted or you are planning to do so tomorrow. Let’s face it, we are not dealing with the brightest and best crayons in the box this election.

We have watched with squinted eyes as these two have bickered, belittled and accused one another for the sake of the “win”…

I wouldn’t vote for either of them for senior class president and here I am having to decide which one will be leading my country? Good Lord, help us.

You are tired of reading…we all are… so I’m going to make this quick.

So. You are with Her. Hillary. I’ve looked over her website and looked closely at what she stands for and what she hopes to achieve, permit and restrict if chosen. She clearly states she is an activist to women’s rights and along with those rights she is pro abortion. This is the one that lights my fire and for good reason.

A little story for you…

I got pregnant in college and just as it was my “right” to sleep with my boyfriend it was my responsibility to plan for what would follow…I was indeed with “child”. I was with “CHILD”. Not with an accident or burden…I was in the beginning stages of what would later be my first born, my Paige, my Big. Was it easy to let my parents know? Was it easy to get married 4 weeks later in the church where my dad pastored… scared to death that the walls were going to cave in on top of me? Was it easy to take on marriage at 20 years old with zero counseling and twenty different kinds of fear? Was it easy to watch my girlfriends carry on with college while I navigated the wife-life and watched my figure contort? The answer, NO.  It was difficult. VERY. But we did it. There was not one thing convenient about what we were facing. Responsibility is rarely garnished with convenience.

We made a life and we built a life around it.

Anything less than that would be a disregard to life itself.

But before this…there was that…

Twenty years before I got pregnant with Paige, An 18 year old single girl got pregnant with Paige’s mom. An unexpected upset to her family, abortion was suggested and seen as a way to eliminate the “problem”.  Because of the young girl’s convictions and God’s beautiful timing, I am still here. Yes, me. The termination of my life was called to a halt and I am very much ALIVE. I was adopted into a family that saw children as a blessing and had been praying for another child. Isn’t God great! My dad told me that when he heard I was going to be needing a home he said, “That’s my baby!”…he still calls me baby today.

Because of the gift of my life I now have 3 beautiful daughters, a son in law and a beautiful grandson, John Luke.


Our Team Score:

Life 5 – Abortion 0








Cast your vote wisely.

Cast your vote for LIFE.

Cast your vote for accountability and integrity. And if you are with HER, please don’t let a day pass that you do not PRAY for HER. And if you are with him. Don’t let a day go by that you don’t pray for him. Pray for their leadership and for God granted wisdom. Either way…We must pray.

And can Mama Gina just say something…speaking to anyone girl/woman out there picketing your rights to have sex and have the right to abort the child if need be…if I was a guy with commitment issues, I would feel I’d won the lottery knowing I could sleep with a women willing to terminate the possibility of a responsibility. And “if” you get pregnant with an “unintended child” as Hillary calls it, you will eliminate this child before it becomes a physical and visible commitment to my time or wallet…A pro abortion woman is a dream come true for a boy who wants to play with fire and not get burned. And these boys are not always 17…they are 25, 30, 40 and up. They are not men. A real man will not argue your “rights” they will join forces with you and stand beside you to love and nurture the gift, yes GIFT of life.

Happy to be here.

love gina




2 thoughts on “if you’re really with her…

  1. Thank you, Gina for testifying to the celebration of life, hard work, persevering love, enduring spirit and commitment to walk truth out everyday! We only grow when we know which way to go and God has given us a pretty good map to live by! Blessings


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