straight up rabbit chasing.


Yesterday was Jana’s birthday and the missing was real and painful. We could go all year without connecting but when our two-week-apart birthdays showed up on the calendar we were on it! We would call and catch up and my heart would Always, Always be lighter and fuller and happier and humbled that she was my friend.

My favorite was the year we sent “a few of our favorite things” to one another.  It was 2008. Along with some samples of my favorite girly girl things like mascara and nail polish I sent her my current read…Same Kind of Different As Me. 

This past week her husband Chris found this while sorting through her belongings…he sent me a screenshot of the inside cover where I wrote:


He then went on to say he didn’t know I was the one to give her that book.

“A week into her cancer treatment she said she needed to talk to me and asked if I would do something for her…I said anything…she said, read this book. I read it in one day.”

He went on to say he bought so many of them and gave them to friends to understand what we were going through.

The irony (or was it) is my dad called me back in 2006 when the book first released to tell me to read it. The author was the nephew of one of his professors from seminary. I read it without putting it down and shared several copies with others myself…but little did I know the future impact it would have the year I sent one to my best friend.

The movie based on the book comes out this fall….I’ll be there.


This evening I took Ella for a long walk in her stroller…taking advantage of this ridiculously incredible weather we’ve had…we were nearing the end of our walk when I could smell the scent of home…and by home I mean supper cooking. I look over and see a young boy, around 8 or 9 watching his older sister practice her hoops in the driveway. Took me back…back to when everything was easier…simpler…when I got out of school and played outside until I could smell the sweet aroma of home cooking beckoning me to the table. I want to be 8 again.

I love pizza. I do. I love salads and quinoa and raspberries and green smoothies but I LOVE pizza. Attempting to lose a pound or five, I found a pizza alternative. I take a piece of Dave’s Sprouted Seed bread, toast it, top it with Trader Joe’s eggplant garlic spread with sweet red pepper, a dash of fresh parmesan and my taste buds are none the wiser. I’m serious…it’s yummy.

My dear Kelly texted tonight to ask for workout music suggestions…here’s my go to list on Spotify…

Believer: Major Lazer

Bring it Back: Shy Carter

There’s your Trouble:Dixie Chicks

Fresh Eyes: Andy Grammer 

In My Mind: Maty Noyes 

I Love You Always Forever: Betty Who

Ride: Twenty One Pilots

Boom Like That: Mark Knopfler

Stomp: Kirk Franklin

Ever Be: Bethel Worship

I am getting back into real estate after TWENTY years…I’ll let you know when I’m good to go and maybe you will need to sell your house or buy a house or just want to ride around with me and look at houses…

Political posts are like sitting beside an extremely out of shape man eating his second overloaded plate of Super Bowl snacks while he screams obscenities and tries to coach professional athletes from the comfort of his couch…If you know so much about the game why aren’t you playing?


It’s Tuesday and I blogged…

love gina







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