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scrutiny mutiny.


I have criticized myself from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.  If  I was ever inadequate in your eyes, you were wasting your energy if you ever said so…you only validated what I was already thinking…feeling…which could all be summed up in these three words…Not Good Enough.

Not thin enough…pretty enough…organized enough…educated enough…

Not enough to offer…not enough friends.

Not enough vision…not enough staying in touch with reality.

Not enough Jesus…not enough knowing what to do or what to be…


It’s exhausting.

We say things to ourselves that we would never say to someone else…it’s brutal, debilitating and draining. We’ve got to stop. The most attractive thing you can be is confident in your own skin. Your age, hair color, skin color, size, occupation, relationship status…none of this matters or makes you more lovely than your audacious and fearless decision to hold your head high and love yourself.

And listen to me little mama…this social media world will jack you up if you’re scrolling and trolling the pages of new mom instagrammers with their Pinterest perfect baby rooms, taking a selfie and celebrating they are back in their pre-pregnancy jeans in just 2 weeks after hitting the gym with their personal trainer. PAALEEEZE.  I like to follow accounts that are in the same life zone as me and right now I am raising a baby. But I’ve had to unfollow and say BUH BUH to some accounts. Jealousy starts creeping in and I’m comparing myself to a 27 year old first time mom?! AHHH heck no. That’s how the enemy works. Comparison is the thief of joy and we know who comes to kill, steal and destroy…John 10:10…look it up.

Comparison will eat your lunch! Don’t go there. You don’t know “the whole story” and what we allow the world to see in a photo is only a momentary glimpse into the bigger picture. And the bigger picture includes a baby that cries and gets the stomach bug and laundry that does not do itself and credit card debt and life…and life is wonderful, but life is tough.

Let’s together call a mutiny on the scrutiny.

Change your thoughts…change your world.


Let me finish this Thursday blog ramble with a current event wrap up…

So Lady Gaga performed at the Super Bowl and blew all of our minds with her talent and choice to refrain from political agendas. Thank you Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta! We’ve all had it up to our eyeballs with politics…we just wanted some football accompanied by some queso on everything and a halftime performance to delight our Sunday evening souls. High Five. Considering she is known for some over the top costumes (don’t believe me google Lady Gaga meat dress) her bare midriff didn’t phase us. What did phase us is her taking the high road and omitting blatant assaults against conservatism and using her hard working talent to entertain us….BUT leave it to twitter bullies who had to find SOMETHING to say to hen peck and fat shame what they decided was a tummy bulge…are you kidding me?! I can assure you Miss Gaga overcame the observatory nit picking and had her limo driver take her to the best restaurant in Houston so she and her dance crew could reward their performance with some good ol’ Texas grub.

We all need to work it like Gaga. Find what we are good at…let it all hang out…ignore the attacks on our appearance and rebuke the tendencies to pick out our own flaws and fixate on them…Here’s a visual for you:


And this doesn’t include the rest of me! I can find something wrong with every square inch of my body if you give me the chance! It’s called perspective…Now let’s apply our mutiny to the scrutiny and turn this crazy train around…


Do you see the difference? Perspective. It’s easy to find the flaws in ourselves, making it easy for someone else’s casual, yet hurtful opinion to kick you while you’re already down.

Rise up, Sunshine! Be good to you.

I will forever love the video of the little girl shouting words of affirmation in the mirror. It’s been several years since I’ve seen it but I’ll look for it and attach it to the bottom of this blog post.

What about you?! Let me use my teaching degree and give you a homework assignment. Grab a piece of paper and make your own word exchange picture. Write out the words you incriminate yourself with and then replace them with words that applaud you! Fill your own love tank! You’ve come this far and only you know just how hard it’s been…Keep going! You’ve got this!

Be Encouraged.

love gina






8 thoughts on “scrutiny mutiny.

  1. Absolutely love this, your Awesome! It’s so true and as I watched the half time show we saw what “they” were referring to her belly pooch and we where like….. YOU GO GIRL! …we loved it! We all know there is gonna be haters and it’s time to stand up and love what makes you… YOU!
    So enjoyed your blog! ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Can we all together say, ” Take a well-earned bow Mrs. Miller- for keeping it REAL in a world obsessed with Highligthed and contoured Snapshots… fake, phony, bogus!
      You, MS. Gina is whom our Jesus smiles on…. beautiful, truthful, soulful, You!
      Please write a book! People will buy!
      Bless you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this!!! So encouraging! I love your thoughts, your words, your ❤️! They are straight from Him 🙏🏻 And He is soooo good.
    We are all precious in His sight.. Jesus loves the little children of the world! 🌎 That’s what really matters🤗!

    Liked by 1 person

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