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Gone on Winecation.

I feel like crap when I wake up. I need coffee to function. Because of the wine I had last night I need coffee to start my day without a headache or lack of energy.

I said those words out loud. Me. That is not who I want to be…that sounds miserable! The change needed is in my possession and it’s time to get possessed with doing things different! So I made some cold turkey changes. That’s how I roll. Gretchin Rubin calls folks like me Upholders. When I decide to make a change I do it. When my mind says, Yes…it’s go time. Same thing with a No.

Decision Made.

While driving to Lubbock I made the decision to cut out wine, sweets, bread, chips and cheese. It’s a Whole30-ish approach to living. I knew I was going to be staying with the healthiest friend I own so my surroundings would compliment my decision…what better time to go for it than now?!

Now the reason I say “ish” is because if I eat a tortilla chip dipped in guacamole I’m not going to feel the need to start all over. I’m playing by my own rules and they look a lot like Whole30 and the way I ate before I turned my body into a dumping ground.  I’m just simply going back to the way I used to eat Pre-Louisiana.  Yes, Louisiana…if anyone is getting blamed here, it’s you! I love you and your bootiful soul but you’re putting a bootie on me and we need to establish some boundaries in this relationship. You and your “reasons” to celebrate everything!… It’s National Clouds Shaped Like Clouds Day! I’ll drink to that! Betty had a baby! Pink champagne for everyone! Church was awesome this morning! Let’s go to brunch and drink mimosas! I heard the man two doors down bought a new jeep! Let’s pop our own tops! You think I’m exaggerating…I’m not. I love nothing more than happy people who find the joy in everyday moments and minutes and I DO LOVE MY CAJUNS… but I’ve got to show some personal restraint…that’s all.


Dear Wine, I like you. I do. You taste nice and you help me relax. However, you are laden with calories and perpetuate my nighttime grazing and nibbling. I need to step away for a while and get some fresh air.  Love, Gina.

With this no wine declaration I’ve added no coffee creamer…two things found in my grocery cart no matter where or what…Coffee without coffee creamer is is like having sadness in a mug. I keep waiting for my tastebuds to lose all sense of feeling so I can get the magic in my body without gagging.

FullSizeRender (49)

I’m a big girl. I can handle it…and there’s no turning back now. I’m seven days in and feel 70% better than I did 7 days ago. There is much to be said for what we put in our bodies as fuel. I can envision the me at the end of these restrictions and I like her better. I haven’t felt great in a while and I like feeling great.

Back in 2013 when I presented my business plan for Rabbit Martinis I listed my mission statement as this…

When we eat better we feel better and when we feel better we treat others better and when we treat others better we make the world a better place.

I look forward to feeling better. I turn 50 in less than 2 years and I want to make 50 my best year yet. I love that we live in a time that encourages movement and vitality and strength well into our seasoned years. I want to always strive to be the best version of me…I want to honor the body and life I’ve been given as if my life depends on it…it kinda does.

It may sound silly but I stood before the mirror and apologized to myself. Tears fell as I confessed the decisions I was making that were having negative effects and I made a vow to try harder…to do better…to stop taking advantage of this beautiful life I’d been given. It’s not easy…I mean wine is all the rage with women…bible thumping or backsliding…women are product placing their wine glasses on Instagram posts as if receiving royalties.  If I had to take a drink every time I saw a wine glass pictured…or toes…please stop with the fresh and not so fresh pedicure toe shots…I would be 24-7 snockered…hammered…buzzed and unafraid.

Maybe it’s time for you to cut back on a few things (wine)?  Decide for yourself what’s adding to your life or taking away from it and say a few goodbyes…it doesn’t have to be forever…but maybe a vacation would do you some good, too.

love gina



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