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that soup was nasty and here’s some truth…

You people…you won’t let me share my recipes without a good ol’ snub!

Yes. You snubbed me.

I’m trying to mix things up over here and share a recipe and you’re like…Nope. Don’t care. Next.

I just wanted to offer you something different!  I was studying for my upcoming real estate exam and listening to some Spotify…people were posting fall pictures on Instagram, I was burning a pumpkin scented candle and I got caught up in the moment! I needed to make some soup.  It looked pretty…so I grabbed my camera…and took pictures and decided to blog about it…I can be fall fabulous, too!

It smelled great. It looked great. But the “best ever autumn stew”  was nasty.

It was. I blogged before I tasted…oops.

I’ve cooked better soup from a can.

But what if someone makes it???

What if.  Let me tell you what if…If someone actually takes the time in their one life to follow one of MY recipes and leaves a comment telling me how awful it was and calls me a blogging liar with zero cooking skills…at least I will know someone is out there listening! 

I  just wanted to be like the other bloggers who post pretty recipes…

When I say I’m a blogger people ask, “What is your blog about?”   Well…I can now officially answer without hesitation…It’s not a foodie blog.  I’ve been called a lifestyle blog. Okay. I’ll be that. That’s easier to say than,  I’m a rabbit chasing, thought wranglin’, Jesus following, mess making, daughter raisin’, good time granny newlywed with stories to share!  Some ask me if I make money blogging and I say no…and they tell me they know someone who makes “six figures” blogging. Congratulations. I don’t.

Does the world really need another blogger?

When I began this portion of my journey back in 2012, I found the blog community saturated with twenty-somethings and short on forty-somethings…and even the forty-somethings that came up when I searched “bloggers” were giving it all they’ve got to hopefully be mistaken for a twenty-something.  Look. I admire and even have to fight off occasional envy of the 22-year-old fashionista living in Manhattan whose biggest decision of the day is whether to attend yoga or spin class… but that’s NOT where I am in life, and not where the women I know are either! I want and wanted to be something *real. Something authentic that taps into the truth of our lives. I wondered if the stories I share with people on my living room couch over a glass of wine or cup of coffee could offer some encouragement and inspiration to a stranger. *And me trying to impress you with a recipe for stew that tasted nasty is not real and unauthentic. You know me…and you knew better than to waste your time…that post received less views than any other post all year. 

So let’s get, and stay real.

If you’ve followed me before now and read anything you know I’ve faced some challenges and made some messes.  I’m less than consistent and more than some can handle.

Do I wish I were a more deeply rooted tree instead of a leaf on the water?


But this is me.

I’m a seeker and my seeking heart tells me there’s something more.

I’m chaos and compassion and I have no doubt God can and will use me just as I am.

This is my confidence.

See this little girl…

3 year old gina

She was determined not to smile that day. She even got home from having her pictures made…walked in the front door and said to her daddy,

I didn’t file!

She had a plan. Her mom could dress her up and get her there but her mind was made up. What a confident child with a purpose and clear mission!

This same little girl was at her aunt’s house in Arlington playing in the front yard when a few other girls from the neighborhood approached her and asked,

Are you a boy?

No. I’m a girl.

They continued to argue she was not a girl, but a boy.

She pulled down her shorts and proved her case…shut the hecklers up and got a paddling from her aunt. It was worth it.

She learned two things that day:

  1. She knew exactly who she was and someone else’s opinion of her was not going to weaken her confidence.
  2. Sometimes the lengths we are willing to go to prove our point will get us in trouble. Perhaps it’s better to keep our shorts on and let them wonder. It’s just an opinion. You know what’s underneath it all.  Plus, if they are meant to be in your life they will know the truth without you having to convince them of anything.

Listen. There will be times we are confident in our choices and other times we can only hope we’ve made the right move…

I love this passage from Restless by Jennie Allen:

“Following God, reading him, is all so beautifully and painfully mysterious. Some of you will clearly see visions and purpose in your threads and you will run with near certainty that they are callings from God.  And some of you will barely detect a hint of a plan and will nervously step out toward a dream; it will feel almost completely dark but you will do it.

Can God be in both?

I know there may not be complete clarity, but if your heart is willing and you want God’s glory, and you give him these pieces of your life, something will happen.  He waits for us. We all doubt and overanalyze, and to some degree, God moves anyway. He moves on with his plans on this earth, with or without us.” 

I love this!  I do believe God is in both…both the chaos and the compassion…both my unknown and my knowing.  If I never know my clear purpose this side of heaven, God is not less or more than Creator, and I am not less or more than the one He chose to create.

I may never find exactly what I’m looking for on this earth. My searching heart and the tussle this ensues may be a lifetime thorn in my flesh, but I’ll be okay.

I look at it this way…If my search is a search for what God wants me to do…then my priorities are where they need to be…so search on, Sister.  It’s all momentary and ever changing anyways…

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

Keep your shorts up and keep them guessing,

love gina


6 thoughts on “that soup was nasty and here’s some truth…

  1. Keep writing. Keep blogging. I don’t care if it’s a nasty recipe, a rambling thought, or a well planned bit of encouragement… keep writing. You are reaching people and touching their hearts. For now, you are exactly where He wants you. When He’s ready for you to do something else, He’ll open that door and hold it while you walk on through.


  2. Haha. I read that recipe and thought…”I don’t know about that”?!? But, it did make me realize is that I wanted to make my Mom’s (and Grandmoms) hearty vegetable soup! Yum. So, Ingredients bought and safely rotting in the fridge as we speak, lol.


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