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my prayer.

Dear God,

Not again. It’s all just too much. It is. Please God…please see us and be with us and don’t turn away. We need you now. We never stopped needing you, but we need you now. We need Your Presence and Mercy and Protection. We need Your Sovereign Power and Strength and Might. We need You on our side. We need You in our lives and in our homes. We need You in our marriages and in our work. We need You. When we fail to make room for You, we need You.  Please don’t think we don’t.

When the sun rises and the sun sets and no part of our world is shaken. We need you. When the news is positive and brings a smile, we need You. When all goes just as we would want it to and our plans succeed, we need You. When we feel good and energetic and our relationships bring joy…when we get the job and approved for the loan, we need You. When we feel content and good in our own skin…we need You. When the plane lands safely and the vacation was everything we hoped it would be, we need You. When another healthy child is born and we exhale, We need you. When the lights turn on and the bills are paid and the water runs clean and we sleep in peace…we need You.

When the news breaks our hearts, we need You. When destruction occurs, we need You. When a life is cut short, we need You. When our world is shaken, we need You. When blood is shed and fear abounds, we need You. When our neighbors reject you, WE NEED YOU. When we wonder where You are and wonder if they’re right, WE NEED YOU. When we cannot seem to find you and cry out to You and get angry and feel rejected…it’s only because WE NEED YOU.

When division manages to divide and the mountains seem too high…We need You.

I cannot speak for everyone…but WE NEED YOU.

love gina



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