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dear white people.

This Winter was rough! BRRRRRRRRR…. Just when we thought it was gone, bam…another cold front. I love the cold and fireplaces and a cute pair of leggings with an oversized cardigan…for a week. Then I’m done. Give me sunshine or give me death.

s p r i n g  f o r w a r d.

We lost one hour of sleep but who cares?! You can sleep an hour longer and make up for it! Don’t you dare complain! It means longer days and summer is coming. PRAISE. Now…and finally…it’s away with the long sleeves and sweaters and time to let our skin breathe and catch some vitamin D. Sunshine is good for you. We need it. Too many hours spent indoors with pasty, pale skin and layers of clothing will make the happiest of individuals SAD over time! Seasonal Affective Disorder is no joke!

Hello Sunshine.

Hello sundresses. Hello shorts. Hello sandals. Hello skin.  Clothing that exposes more skin calls for a tan…for white people.  My Fair Ladies…sorry to inform you, but we age faster…yep…largely in part to us baking ourselves and trying to be anything but white.  Look. We all know a good tan makes you look healthier and somehow…I don’t know exactly how…makes you appear thinner. Let’s call it the Bronze Illusion Diet…I LOVE the sun and the beach and a good tan, but over time all this sunning will play a number on your skin’s elasticity and tone. I’m a member of the baby oil and iodine club. In my younger days, a good Saturday included “laying out” by a pool with a jambox nearby. Yes. I just said jambox. I spent MORE than enough time trying to bake myself.  I didn’t know better! None of us did.  Thankfully, we’ve been educated on healthy alternatives and there is ZERO reason to hurt your epidermis.


Try this instead!

Start with a good exfoliating scrub.   Simply mix 1/4 cup of coconut oil with 1/4 cup coconut palm sugar and blend .  I’ve used coffee grounds and sea salt but my personal favorite is the palm sugar.  Once blended add a few drops of your favorite essential oils.  It does not take much. If you’re fighting allergies a blend of lemon, lavender and peppermint can alleviate some sneezes.  Vetiver has a woodsy scent and is lauded for its calming properties. Arborvitae boosts your complexion and repels mosquitos. Win. Win. No oils in the house? Use vanilla and a squeeze of lemon or orange…maybe a spritz or two of your favorite perfume. Get creative.

Carry this mixture into the shower with you and get to scrubbing!

Pay attention to your ankles, knees and elbows. That’s unfortunately where skin tends to get rough and if you’re not careful the tanning lotion will gather and look uneven. Ask me how I know…

So many products on the market to choose from and I’ve tried quite a few! I’ve been super impressed with Jergens Instant Sun.  I did my research and this one lives up to its reputation. I do recommend applying with a mitt! Ulta has the one pictured above for about $3. You can reuse them, just make sure you clean between usage and let them air dry…just like you do your beauty blender!


I apply to my legs first with about 3 pumps of product and work my way up, finishing with my shoulders. Do not be afraid to put a little on your neck and face….but just a little. It takes some practice but you will get the hang of it! Once you’ve finished just stand (or dance) around naked for about ten minutes letting yourself dry then you’re good to go!

I’m so thankful for seasons. I’m happy to see summer come…and then happy to see it go. But while it’s here…I’m soaking it all in.

love gina








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