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s t r u c t u r e.

I was asked today why I don’t advertise this and my only answer was…

“It’s embarrassing how many side hustles I have…”

Really? Please.

If I met someone who took everything they had and did everything they could I would high-five them…why do we not high-five ourselves?

High-Five Gina.

This is a little gig I’ve had going since moving to Baton Rouge. A gig I LOVE more than many things I’ve done before and a gig that allows me to work my own hours and help people.

Meet Structure. 

a front and back scan of my adorable business cards from MOO. here is the link so you can start a business and have cute cards to carry in your car   MOO

Organizing spaces is therapeutic for me. Life has molded me into a minimalist and if you struggle with ridding your space of excess I’m your person. I can help you assess the mess and loosen your grip on the unnecessary items that sadly cause clutter, and make MORE ROOM for the things that you truly need…things that are worth the keeping!

Don’t Be Scared.

I still have a rubbermaid tub of pictures, vhs videos and school papers that were collected during the years my baby loves were still in my nest. I will NEVER, not EVER, on purpose, let these things go. I understand heart value. My closet is small and my wardrobe is even smaller. I don’t like a lot of choices. I own clothes I love and I wear them. When I need an outfit for a special occasion I check my closet first and if needed I go shopping. I keep it very simple. No flash. No trash.

It’s a great time to do some spring cleaning! I can tackle a kitchen pantry and make grocery shopping less daunting because you know you have space to put the items away once you get home!


In case you haven’t picked up on the connection…connected the dots…recognized the synergy…let me help…I dove back into a real estate career. I love helping people create peace in their nests. I love helping people find a nest. I love my nest.  I can’t wait to build our nest. I love home. Oh my heart I LOVE home. 

This is my calling.

Do you want to know what you were made for??? Pay attention to the things that make you cry when they are broken.

THAT is what you are here to remedy.

THAT is where you will find your energy.

THAT is how you will make a difference.

And just like my cute husband said to me when I said to him….“Why do I do this? Why do I blog and solicit myself as if anyone besides you and 3 other people care?”

Because it makes you happy, Gina.

Yes…yes it does.

love gina

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