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p a t c h o u l i.

This is for the sweet girl that chased me down in Whole Foods tonight and asked what I was wearing…sorry I didn’t get your name. Like I said, this happens…no lie…at least 3 times a week. Here’s the link:

I guess I’ve found my signature scent. I’ve heard that if you can’t smell your perfume and someone else stops you to say you smell really nice then you’ve found the one. If you can smell your perfume or cologne it’s too strong. Did you know that? Now you do.

I’ve tried other brands and I’m not a fan…too strong.  This is the one. I don’t know what it is about this one that makes it wonderful, but it’s wonderful.

It takes just a drop or two. Rub it on the ends of your dry shampoo’ed hair, crank up some Fleetwood Mac and go granola.


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