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tell me tell me tell me.

IMG_4404When Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood accept an award for their work they always thank their fans. They have like a gabillion and I truly think they are grateful for each one of them. You see…without fans they are just talented girls with voices and a love for singing and song writing. They are Influencers. That is the current term used for someone with a following that influences others to think or behave a certain way.

I love writing. Blogging gives me a place to take the thoughts I have…the ones I think you might enjoy hearing…and bring them to you to read and hopefully enjoy! If you return to this platform over and over again to read more I consider you a “fan” of Rabbit Martinis! You make me more than just a girl who loves writing. You give me purpose. Your presence here matters to me. I want to influence you. I write my words to you…for you. And your response to my work tells me I’ve touched on a topic that needs touching.

Here is my dream for Rabbit Martinis. And I’m being super vulnerable in sharing this…

I want Rabbit Martinis to be your one-stop-shop online magazine that speaks truth, encourages, inspires, makes changes for the better, brings laughter and points you to Jesus.  That is why I’m here.

I imagine you waiting for a flight or on your lunch break and you grab your phone or computer and go to my blog to fill the time because you know you will find words and sentences that make you better for having been there…THAT IS MY DREAM.

And because I am doing this FOR YOU I want to hear FROM YOU.

Will you take a minute and fill out this quick questionnaire for me?…


Thank you so much!!!


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