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2018 chart toppers.

It’s fun to look at my year end stats and see the posts that gained the most traffic, comments and shares, as well as the ones that did not. You like when I keep it real. You don’t care what I cook or how I cook it. Noted.

The past year was more tranquil melody than bohemian rhapsody and we were good with it. It was a nice break from the years prior. The two most exciting things to happen in my life were not even mentioned! I must have been too busy living to tell you about Eli’s birth or my fabulous trip to Ireland! I’ve also had my head buried deep into all things real estate with some goal-setting that requires my time and consistent effort.

Side note: Keep me in mind if you live in Louisiana and need to buy or sell a house…or both. I’d hire me. Seriously. Things I WOULD NOT hire me to do are paint, sew anything, garden, assemble IKEA furniture, cut your hair, dog sit, sing at a wedding, phone solicit, or do anything associated with teeth or feet or blood or heights or plumbing. HOWEVER…I am 1000% confident if I was not me…I’d hire me as my Realtor.

Now. Without further delay…drum roll please...because of YOU…

Here are the Top 5 Posts from 2018…

  1. Hymn and Her
  2. Let it do what it came to do
  3. Sent off with a Sandwich and a Prayer
  4. Dear Me
  5. I am Romanian

I still can’t believe I’m not Romanian. Let it do what it came to do is my catchphrase and sounds like a good title for my book.

I’m still working on my book…I have chapters and more chapters on my computer, on my phone, handwritten in dozens of notebooks and scribbled in books I’ve read that inspire me to write. It’s time to decide what goes first and last…what gets left out and what is still needed. What originated as fiction began to look a little too much like my own life so it eventually merged into a memoir.

Speaking of Merge…That’s my word for the year…Yes. Word for the Year. I like themes. I am big on New Years and fresh starts and I totally buy into all the hype of starting over and making goals that may or may not last but you do them anyway because better to try and fail than not try at all. I love it! So I was wondering what my “word” would be and this one all but slapped me upside my soon to be 50 year old face! Merge. I laughed. I loved it. I adopted it and it’s mine. Look up the synonyms for it. Pretty nifty. And the more I thought about it I liked the idea of merging the first half of my life with the next. All of the mistakes and victories and life lessons and challenges blending in with those to come and not dismissing them but realizing they are part of me and without them I am pretty blah. I don’t want to be blah.

Listen. Thank you. SO much. I am okay with talking to myself…I do it all the time…but blogging to myself?…nah. Having you here is like really having you here…next to me as I ramble on and try and make sense of everything with words.

Have a great year. Pick a word. Make a plan. Have a goal. Call your mom. Write a letter. Think good thoughts. Let me know if I can help.

2 thoughts on “2018 chart toppers.

  1. Write on, Sistah! Merge presents so many possibilities. It’s what we have to do when we enter the freeway, and my 80 year old friends told me when I was 50 that growing older is the freeway if you let it be. The important parts of life become more evident as we have less of it, and giving up worrying about incidentals sure does lessen the traffic!

    Love you and happy new year – hope it is full of wonderful surprises!

    1. So good to hear from you! Miss you! Love you! Agree with all you said and I’m already feeling the freedom that will come with this milestone!

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