10 reasons I think you should consider marriage.

You have someone to bring you coffee every morning…and if needed…wine every night. Dating your spouse is a million times better than any date you’ve ever been on. There’s nothing awkward…there’s a million things to talk about…and #3 3. When you go out to eat and you want the enchilada plate but you can’t decideContinue reading “10 reasons I think you should consider marriage.”

you don’t love Jesus?…

…if you have children, and especially daughters who watch your every move, you will appreciate this. We took communion on our couch this morning while watching our church online. Yes we did…Ella has been sick the past couple of days and we decided to stay in, yet not miss a good word from our belovedContinue reading “you don’t love Jesus?…”

a f f a i r .

Affair (n.) …an intense amorous relationship, usually of short duration That’s one of the seven definitions found on dictionary.com….it’s a noun. You can go to an affair, host an affair, want an affair, have an affair… I’m going to try and STOP an affair. It was two years ago…I was parked at the post officeContinue reading “a f f a i r .”

e l l a…

Dear Ella, We celebrated your first birthday this past Saturday along with Uncle KJ, Claire, Ty, Lucy Claire, her pal Laurel, Sadie the Cupcake Queen and Kerald. We went to my favorite restaurant and had pink drinks and appetizers and of course, I had my Wasabi Chicken Salad. As soon as your pretty teeth learnContinue reading “e l l a…”

t i n d e r e l l a…

At the end of this blog there is the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen… But before that, there was this… I honestly don’t know where to begin…the story of us is so much more than I can squeeze into a blog post. It’s a novel and perhaps one day I will write it andContinue reading “t i n d e r e l l a…”