5 down…10 to go…

  Okay. So I’m pretty excited here…now granted it was tortoise in nature and everything but an overnight success story, BUT I hit my first target and now I need to share it with someone…and if you’re reading this…congratulations…You are My Someone! I LOST 5 WHOLE POUNDS It’s taken 3 dang months of commitment toContinue reading “5 down…10 to go…”

Podcast Episode 1. Macroholics with Trey & Burgandy Rinker

I did it. I’ve been talking about podcasting for many months now and finally went for it! Nothing fancy and with zero training, but I gotta say…Not Too Shabby For A Start! From the comfort of my closet with a mic clipped to my t-shirt I made a phone call to Trey and Burgandy RinkerContinue reading “Podcast Episode 1. Macroholics with Trey & Burgandy Rinker”