life is a treat.

Ask 9 year old, 4th grade Gina her favorite holiday and you would get this answer: Halloween. Yep. I loved October 31st…better than Christmas. Halloween meant costumes… and costumes meant witches… and witches had long nails… and I was a witch so I could press those suckers on and ┬ápretend! Halloween was a haunted houseContinue reading “life is a treat.”

m a r d i g r a s – i n g

Last Saturday we decided to go immerse this Texas born and bred gal in the beaded streets of New Orleans. It’s a rite of passage here in Louisiana if you plan to stick around and call yourself a local…so off we went…I’m claiming my sense of belonging one festivity at a time. Mardi Gras…you’re up!Continue reading “m a r d i g r a s – i n g”