5 down…10 to go…

  Okay. So I’m pretty excited here…now granted it was tortoise in nature and everything but an overnight success story, BUT I hit my first target and now I need to share it with someone…and if you’re reading this…congratulations…You are My Someone! I LOST 5 WHOLE POUNDS It’s taken 3 dang months of commitment toContinue reading “5 down…10 to go…”

sent off with a sandwich and a prayer.

Back to School. I’m reading all the Facebook posts and seeing all your pictures on Instagram of your baby loves heading back to school in their new uniforms and tennis shoes that have just enough wiggle room…the summer sunshine mixed with pool chlorine no doubt serves as a juvenile cocktail for growth spurts. “Child. HowContinue reading “sent off with a sandwich and a prayer.”

Podcast Episode 1. Macroholics with Trey & Burgandy Rinker

I did it. I’ve been talking about podcasting for many months now and finally went for it! Nothing fancy and with zero training, but I gotta say…Not Too Shabby For A Start! From the comfort of my closet with a mic clipped to my t-shirt I made a phone call to Trey and Burgandy RinkerContinue reading “Podcast Episode 1. Macroholics with Trey & Burgandy Rinker”